Friday, February 6, 2009

scribe post febuary 6

Today we did provincial folders: Mental mathematics

Today we did mental math, we got a worksheet with several questions that we had to solve in our heads for example:

- 50 x 40 = 2000

We also had to explain the steps we used to get the answer like:

- multiply 50 by 10, 4 times which equals 2000

- 50 x 10 (= 500) x10 (=1000) x10 (=1500) x 10 = 2000

Today's homework is:

Make algebraic equations for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division where the letter or variable equals six then solve and verify your own questions.

- for example -
a / 3 = 2

a /3 x 3 = 2 x 3

a = 6


a / 3 = 2
6 / 3 = 2
2 = 2

I choose LAYTON for the next scribe post


Jennifer7-42 said...

Good Job Brianna! I liked how you explained the work we did in class! You also told what was our homework too! GREAT JOB BRIANNA!

kaitlin7-42 said...

G00d job Brianna, you explained every thing and the homework. Great job(:

Charle7-42 said...

Nice job Brianna, you explained
Correctly. :)

vanessa42 said...

good job brianna . u explain everything . good job again .

owen742 said...

Nice Job! you told us the assignment

Zerlina 873 said...

Great job Brianna! I like your scribe. I think you should add more colour though! I also think you should make some of the headings a bigger font. But, I like how you added a video and you had a good enough amount of information. Great job again!

Noelle742 said...

Good job brianna, you showed everything very well...and nice video too.

Darlene742 said...

Nice job Brianna ! you explained everything well . Although you should have added more color. Nice job again . !

ammorn7-42 said...

Good job Brianna! I think your post looked a little dull though.

Caitlin742 said...

good ob brianna it was good but u should have add more color but anyways good job

Monica742 said...

Good job,Brianna.I liked how you explained every thing clearly , and put the home work down.
Good job:)

Abby 7-42 said...

Great job Brianna! you explain everything we did.Good job

laura742 said...

Good job Brianna! Even though I was away sick, I could understand everything and new exactly what you guys did in class. Good job!!!!! :)

Jomari742 said...

Good job! I liked how you posted everything that we did in class but the font should have been more attractive. Good job anyways!

Jex (Juan Exequiel) said...

good job brianna.

I like how u explained it.
U forgot one thing.

Layton742 said...

good job it's good that you showed the verify thing and ya good job!!!! >:)

shania742 said...

niice job ! i liked the video you added :D .

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