Friday, January 30, 2009

Scribepost for January 30, 2009

Today we discussed about Algebra.. for example.

1) a+1=2

what's happening at the A?

-it is being added by 1.

The next step is,

you make the equation balanced, to make it balanced you put the opposite number beside itself. like this


The next step is..

what you did before you have to do it again beside the answer, like this.


The next step is..

you now subtract 2 and 1 and now you got the answer for this question

a= 1

now you verify..







Thursday, January 29, 2009

scribepost for jan.29,2009

Today we do Number of the Day and we had a test on a Balancing Act.

it has to be total of 64 . i put the answers too .

Homework !

6-3x=-6 , 5x/4 + = -7 , x/5 = -3/4

tip:"to solve this problem u must isolate the variables"

PS. make sure you guys do the homework ! .

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Scribepost 01/28/09

Ordering Fractions

1.Using land marks: A land marks are things everybody should know
eg. let"s meet in polopark (land mark).

I live near the forks (land marks)


howmanyI have Fractions Land mark what they are


2.Equevalent Fractions eleven fithteen equal twentytwo thirty and times 2

3. covert to decimals like three fith or thirteen twenty. And dont use the color that you can"t see like yellow sky blue and more

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Scribepost for 01/26/09

Today we did Number of the Day,Provincial and
FolderBalance Puzzle

For Balance Puzzle we had to balance find the weight for each shape.

For the Provincial Folder
we had to arrange the fraction in order.

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Scribepost for 01/23/09

Decimal numbers such as 3.762 are used in situations which call for more precision than whole numbers provide.

As with whole numbers, a digit in a decimal number has a value which depends on the place of the digit. The places to the left of the decimal point are ones, tens, hundreds, and so on, just as with whole numbers. This table shows the decimal place value for various positions:

Note: That adding extra zeros to the right of the last decimal digit does not change the value of the decimal number.

Im going to show you what we did today but not exactly the same question or number .

Eg. Order these decimal numbers from least to greatest


Answer: 0.27,0.45,0.89,1.27,1.42

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Scribepost for January 22, 2009

Today we had a test on the Measures of Central Tendency, Fractions, Decimals and as well with Percents.

This is how our test looked like . The answers are on there too.
Homework: Find how much these shapes weigh. Total is 160.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

scribe post for january 20 2009

Range and outlier

Range- positive difference between the largest and smallest values in a data set.


First step is ordering them
by smallest to largest
the smallest value and the biggest value
subtract them together.

* therefor-range is seven

Outlier- a value that is much smaller or larger than the other data values.
- a data set may have more than one outlier or zero outliers.

example: *2,9,7,3,4,108

* 21,24,31,29,23,2,91,24,27

Friday, January 16, 2009

Congrats to All of You! :D

Great job you guys!

It has only been 2 days since you were taught how to use Blogger (better), and you guys are using those notes pretty fast. It's also nice to see that a lot of people are leaving comments behind. Keep it up! If you do, we'll hopefully see more visitors checking out our blog (by looking at the Cluster Map). I'm sure that Mr. Isfeld and Mr. Harbeck are also very proud of you all.

Keep up all the great work!

Melanie, Zerlina and Elmane
Mr. Isfeld and Mr. Harbeck
Other Visitors

scribepost for January 16 2009

What We Had To ......

We had to figure out , how much each shape weighed .

The total was '80' , 1 shape weighed more than 9 .
The shaded square , weighed 10 .

Thursday, January 15, 2009


the answer for the Number of the day Test

Today's number is : 9401.285

1. Half the number of the day using the computation by hand which gives you the answer: 4700.64
For example:
9401.285/ 2= 4700.64

2. write the number in the expanded form: 9000+400+00+1+0.20+0.08+0.005
How to get this? Is by using and knowing the place value of each number.

3. Write the number in written form: Nine thousands four hundred one and two hundredth eighty-five thousandths

4. Round the number to the nearest hundred: 9400

5. What number is in the tenth place: 2

6. The number of the day doubled is: 18802.57

7. Write the number of the day in expanded notation: 9*1000+4*100+0*10+1*1+2*(1/10)+8*(1/100)+5*(1000).

8. Write a power using the number in the 100th place as the base and number in the 10s place as the exponent: 8 0

9. Write the above power in factored form: Nothing

10. Cube the number in the ones place: 1
For example: 1*1*1=1

11. Square the number in the hundreds place: 16
For example: 4*4=16

12. Divide the 9401.285 by 3.55 and round to the nearest hundredth: 2648.2500

13. The product of all numbers in 9401.285 is: 0

14. List all the prime numbers in 9401.285: 2 and 5

15. Write 9401.285 in scientific notation: 9.401285* 10^3

16. The whole number is divisible by: None of the numbers are divisible by 9401.285

17. Combine the numbers in the 1s place and the 10s place respectively to make a two digit number and write the prime factors: 2 and 5

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Scribe Post for January 14

I am going to show you how to publish a blog.

First off you must put the title. The title is (Scribe Post and The Date). The next thing you do is put the label. Your label must have your user name and then type scribe post with a comma separating them. Example: Connor742,scribepost.

Adding a Link:

First you need to copy the address of your web site. Then you will need to highlight the word/s that you want the link to leed to. When your done that, click the GREEN button at the top that says link. Then paste the address and press OK. It should look like this.


Adding a Image:

Find an image and save it somewhere you can find. The click the little mountain type picture on the toolbar. You then need to click browse. You will see a bunch of files,look for where you saved the picture, then click on it, then click open. When you do that click upload photo and the picture will show up. You can move the picture once you have placed it.

Adding a Video:

You will need to go find a video on you tube. Then highlight the embed and copy it. Then go to the edit html button at the bottom of you text and paste the embed. After you can go back to your normal text by pressing the 'Compose' button.

Editing your text:

To colour your text you will need to click the rainbow button on the toolbar. Don't use YELLOW or any BRIGHT colors you wont be able to see. Making your text bigger or smaller is easy just highlight the text you want and click the button with the two T's. Then click the size you want, it could be BIG or SMALL. If you want it to stick out more you can press the 'b' for Bold or the 'i' for Italics.

Spell Check:

The spell check is a must do, but it is very simple all you must do is click the ABC button on the toolbar. It will show you what words you might have misspelled. When you done click on the 'Done Spell Checking' button.


This is the most important part of making a scribe post. So now we click the SAVE NOW button. Sometimes it will auto save. It tells you when it auto saved beside the Save Now bar.

When Your Done:

Once your done put:

I choose (Whoever hasn't done it yet) for the next scribe.

Thank you for checking my scribe please leave a Comment.


After you are done making your scribe leave a Comment on someone else's. Make sure the comment is a good one not just a simple good job.

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