Thursday, February 5, 2009

Scribe Post For Febuary 5, 2009

Today in Math Class, We did a Math Quiz...

Don't worry it's not that bad... I'll be showing you the Math Quiz with the answers.

First we did a balance table

Second, we have to do some Fractions

And last but not least the Algebra Questions!
C ÷ 3 = 7
C ÷ 3 x 3 = 7 x 3
d /9 = 18/9

Hope you Comment On My Post !

A Few Questions & Answers

Q:How did you found out the answers to those Balance Table?
A:It's pretty much like guess and check

Q:Where can I find a website about Algebra?
A: You can find a website by clicking HERE!

Q:Is there even a video about Algebra?
A:Why yes there is Videos about Algebra on youtube. Here's One for example

Q:Did you had any problems doing this post?
A:The Only Thing I have issues is the Algebra part.

Q:Who are you even picking for the new scribe post?
A:I'll be choosing Brianna for the next scribe post


Monica742 said...

Great job, Jennifer!
I liked every thing about it!It was the best scribe post ever!
.....I was GREAT!:)!:)!:)

Noelle742 said...

Good job jennifer, you did good explaining the work and the verifying. GOOD JOB

Caitlin742 said...

good job BUDDY!!, the picture vwas cool but u could have put the words abit bigger and Good job again BUDDY :)

Jennifer7-42 said...

Thanks for the comments people ! All of those pictures you see there I made them all =P

laura742 said...

Good job Jenifer!! I liked the colours and how you included everything. Next time maybe make things a little bit bigger, but other than that it was great!! Good job! :)

Charle7-42 said...

Good Job Jennifer,
you explained it very well.

Jomari742 said...

I really liked your scribe post! I like how you posted all of the answers to the test and how you used different colors. I also like the questions at the end. But the algebra questions should have been separated better so they are easy to read. Good job!

Caitlin742 said...

good job on the pictures i like all of them even the math quiz one was awesome good job

Jex (Juan Exequiel) said...

Good job Jennifer. You explained everything well.
I like what u did.

Abby 7-42 said...

Good job Jenn!
I like how you use the color the only thing is you should make the words Bigger and everything would be perfect. Great job

kaitlin7-42 said...

G00d job Jennifer, but the words were a bit to small. Any way it was a g00d scribe.(:

Darlene742 said...

Wow , Nice job on that scribe post Jennifer . ! you did a very nice job . ! keep it up . :D

Zerlina 873 said...

Great job Jennifer! Your scribe was spectacular! You had a lot of pictures, that made your scribe stand out A LOT! It was great to see what you did on your math quiz. Great use of colour too. Great job again!

ammorn7-42 said...

good job jennifer ! It was really colourful. i think you should have made the font a little bigger though.

Brianna742 said...

Good job jennifer :)
I liked how you used alot of colours and how you explained the information and i thoght it was really clever how you asked and answered the questions but anyways Good job again Jennifer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Layton742 said...

Good job you did a great job it was very good and you talked about everything!!!!

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