Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Scribe Post, March 4, 2009

Today in Math, we did Number Of The Day, as usual. The Number of the Day is 7791.692. We also continue doing Probability.

Probability continued

Outcome means one possible result of a probability experiment.

Favourable outcome means a succesful result in a probability experiment.


The tiles S, N, O, and W are placed in a bag. What is the probability of drawing a letter W from the bag?
Another way to write this question is P(W).

1. P(W) = favourable outcomes
possible outcomes

P(W) = 1/4

If they ask you in a sentence you must answer in a sentene too.
The probability of drawing a W is 1/4, 25%, or 1:4.

2. P(S or O) = favourable outcomes
possible outcomes

P(S or O) = 2/4

You always need to simplify your answer.

P(S or O)= 1/2

P(S or O) =1/2, 25%, or 1:2


The letters M, O, U, N, T, A, I, N are in a bag.

A. Probability of drawing a letter N

B. P(consenants)

C. P(letter)

I pick Charlie to do the next scribe post.


owen742 said...

Nice Job Abby. I liked that you use colors for the letters.

ammorn7-42 said...

good job abby ! it was niice of you to do the scribepost again because laura wasnt here.

Charle7-42 said...

Nice job, abby you explained it very well.

Jomari742 said...

Good job! You did the scribepost for Laura when she was sick. But you still should have used more of a variety of colors.

Kamille742 said...

Good job Abby ! I liked how you explained things well and you had colours plus a video .

Darlene742 said...

Nice Job ! You explain things well , although you could of put more colors .

Nadine 42 said...

GOOD JOB Abby ! , it was nice of you to do the the scribepost for Laura ! *applause* once again . GOOD JOB ! :)

laura742 said...

Awesome job Abby! I can't thank you enough for doing the scribepost for me! That was really nice. I loved the colours and the way you explained things. I know exactly how probability works and I wasn't even there! Thanks again, and good job! :)

Jex (Juan Exequiel) said...

Good job abby.

U imoprove from the first one.

Caitlin742 said...

good job abby , it was very well done and good job for doing the blog for laura because she was sick. ^_~

kaitlin7-42 said...

Good job Abby I liked how you explained things and used colours

Jennifer7-42 said...

Good Job Abby! You Did The Blog Twice by now since Laura was sick at home. I also even liked how you used the colors and the pictures!

Monica742 said...

Good job, Abby.
You explained every thing well and that was very nice of you to do the blog again.

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