Friday, January 30, 2009

Scribepost for January 30, 2009

Today we discussed about Algebra.. for example.

1) a+1=2

what's happening at the A?

-it is being added by 1.

The next step is,

you make the equation balanced, to make it balanced you put the opposite number beside itself. like this


The next step is..

what you did before you have to do it again beside the answer, like this.


The next step is..

you now subtract 2 and 1 and now you got the answer for this question

a= 1

now you verify..








vanessa42 said...

good job nadz ! u explained it clearly . good job again !

Jex (Juan Exequiel) said...

GOod Job Nadine. U explained step by step clearly.

And good job for picking caitlin'

Caitlin742 said...

good job Nadine i understand it very clearly .

ammorn7-42 said...

good job nadine ! i think it was very good and sorta colourful, i think you forgot about what we did with the provincial folders too.

Abby 7-42 said...

Good job Nadine! everything was understandable but you forgot to mention our Provincial Folders. Good job again.

Zerlina 873 said...

Great job Nadine! Awesome scribe. But you had no picture. Oh yeah, and nice use of colour by the way. I liked how you should the step by step process of Algebra. But the thing is, you forgot how to add a video. You put the website instead. Good job again!

kaitlin7-42 said...

G00d jog Nadine. Explained every thing very well, but you forgot to put some pictures. G00d job anway(:

Monica742 said...

Good job,Nadine.
Every thing was explained very clearly.
......Good job!

Jennifer7-42 said...

Good Job Nadine ! You manged to explained very well and clearly. I liked how you use your words and colors. The only thing that you're missing is that we also do those Provincial Folders.

Once again great Job!

Noelle742 said...

Good job nadine, i think you did a great job explaining the steps and you also used a lot of color with the important stuff...Good job!

Anonymous said...

hello shit faced fuckers :)

Damian 7-42 said...

good job nadine u explained it very clearly good job

edmil 7-42 said...

good job nadz! you explained it very clearly i like the video.

Charle7-42 said...

Good job nadine you explained it step by step
good job.

justine742 said...

Good Job, you explained it pretty clear and be carefull how you put a video, not just the link

Jomari742 said...

I liked your colors! But you should have put some pictures or something. Anyway, good job!

Darlene742 said...

Nice job . ! i like how you explained everything , step by step . it was cool . ! =) keep up the good work . ! :D

Brianna742 said...

good job Nadine
i like your video and i also liked your picture.

laura742 said...

Good job Nadine!! you explained things very clearly and i liked how everything was easy to read! :)

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