Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Scribe Post for January 14

I am going to show you how to publish a blog.

First off you must put the title. The title is (Scribe Post and The Date). The next thing you do is put the label. Your label must have your user name and then type scribe post with a comma separating them. Example: Connor742,scribepost.

Adding a Link:

First you need to copy the address of your web site. Then you will need to highlight the word/s that you want the link to leed to. When your done that, click the GREEN button at the top that says link. Then paste the address and press OK. It should look like this.


Adding a Image:

Find an image and save it somewhere you can find. The click the little mountain type picture on the toolbar. You then need to click browse. You will see a bunch of files,look for where you saved the picture, then click on it, then click open. When you do that click upload photo and the picture will show up. You can move the picture once you have placed it.

Adding a Video:

You will need to go find a video on you tube. Then highlight the embed and copy it. Then go to the edit html button at the bottom of you text and paste the embed. After you can go back to your normal text by pressing the 'Compose' button.

Editing your text:

To colour your text you will need to click the rainbow button on the toolbar. Don't use YELLOW or any BRIGHT colors you wont be able to see. Making your text bigger or smaller is easy just highlight the text you want and click the button with the two T's. Then click the size you want, it could be BIG or SMALL. If you want it to stick out more you can press the 'b' for Bold or the 'i' for Italics.

Spell Check:

The spell check is a must do, but it is very simple all you must do is click the ABC button on the toolbar. It will show you what words you might have misspelled. When you done click on the 'Done Spell Checking' button.


This is the most important part of making a scribe post. So now we click the SAVE NOW button. Sometimes it will auto save. It tells you when it auto saved beside the Save Now bar.

When Your Done:

Once your done put:

I choose (Whoever hasn't done it yet) for the next scribe.

Thank you for checking my scribe please leave a Comment.


After you are done making your scribe leave a Comment on someone else's. Make sure the comment is a good one not just a simple good job.

I choose Richard for the next slide.


Darlene742 said...

Nice job , Conner . Although you forgot to put whats for homework , though I doubt that we even have homework .. ahah . anyways , nice job , again . =)

melanie873 said...

Great job, Conner! Everything was very understandable. I liked how you uploaded a picture and a video. Although, I also agree with Darlene. You forgot to mention the homework for today. Great job, again!

Kamille742 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kamille742 said...

Good job, Connor. You explained it well, but you made some spelling errors but people will know what your trying to say. Your video was kind of long but it was a good video too. I like how you used the colours, fonts, etc well and how & where you to put them. Like as Darlene said you forgot to put what the homework is but other than that good job !

Jomari742 said...

Good job, Connor. You did a good job for your first time doing a scribe post. Some of the good stuff you did was using different colors and sizes. But make sure that you spell your words right and use proper grammar, other than that, you did a pretty good job!

Mhaicelina7-44 said...

Nice blog Conner the video was really funny but it didn't really have anything to do with what you wrote because you forgot to mention the homework but other then that !!GREAT JOB!!

Jex (Juan Exequiel) 7-42 said...

It was pretty good Connor. That was a good scribepost. But you didnt put whats the homework.

nice job

laura742 said...

Good job Connor. I liked how you used the colours and sizes for examples. The video was interesting, but atleast it had something to do with math. Next time check your spelling better maybe, and check for homework. Other than that, good job.

Mr. Isfeld said...

Well done. Be careful when adding video that it directly relates to the topic you are writing about. The notes are very clear, nice job.

elvin742 said...

Good job Conner, nice scribepost, but you forgot what is the HOMEWORK. good job !

justine742 said...

nice connor, btw you forgot to put whats for H.W
nice job again!

ammorn7-42 said...

good job connor !It was uinderstanding, but i think that you should bold oir change font colours on more importants words. Once again good job !=)

vanessa42 said...

haha good job ! ,u forgot to put the homework ? ... (: good job again ..

monica742 said...

Good job, Conner. Every thing was understandable.But you forgot to put wants for homework.There was also a few spelling mistakes.
once again Great job:)

Jennifer7-42 said...

Great Job Conner! I could read it clearly but, you forgot to add what was our homework... plus the video was so random and funny ! Once again good Job!

Charle7-42 said...

Nice Job Connor
nice work on the highlights.
Great use of colors
But you could have put the assignment.
Great job though

Caitlin742 said...

Great job,Conner .everything was understandable ,nice job on putting the most important words in color and BOLD and other than that ... geat job!!!

. \....\........... /..../
..../... I....I..(¯¯¯`\
...\.....` ¯..¯ ´.......'
.....lo o o o o ol
.....lo o o o o ol...

Runcel 742 said...

Nice job Conner.
although you forgot to mention whats for homework.

Runcel 742 said...

Nice job conner
although you forgot to mention the homework.

Brianna742 said...

Good job Connor! :) i liked how you used examples to explain the information and hte video was really funny and creative.

Abby 7-42 said...

Nice job, Conner. Like mostly everyone said you forgot to write whats for homework. But it's still good. nice job

Noelle742 said...

Terrific job Connor, I liked how you explained everything with a lot of detail. I like how you also used examples for everything you said.


edmil 7-42 said...

Good Job, Connor. You explained the Scribe Post very well.

Layton742 said...

Good job connor, i like how you explaned stuff and i understanded it
. But you forgot the home work so i dident know what to do.but good job!!

Anonymous said...

Amiel 7-42 said...
Great job conner you did a good work but some of spelling is incorrect and you forgot the home work ok great job again.

amiel7-42 said...

Amiel 7-42 said...
great job conner every thing is good and I like how did you explain the colors and how you upload the pictures but some of your spelling is incorrect ok bye great job again............

Nadine 42 said...

nice job, Conner you epxplained how to scribe clearly..but, you also forgot to put the homework for today.oh, well..anyways you did a great job!:)

Zerlina 873 said...

Good job, Conner! Your scribe was awesome! You remembered how to do everything. Well... you forgot to mention your homework but thats nothing wrong, you could always fix it. Good job again.

kaitlin7-42 said...

Way cool job Conner but you forgot to put the homework. Way cool job(:

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